Below the knee amputation: the first 4 months

When I sat down to summarise what I have achieved in the past 4 months, I was pretty amazed (and proud of myself!)

Yesterday marked 4 months since I lost my left leg below the knee. Here’s what I have achieved so far

🤩 learned how to use a wheelchair inside and out
🤩 learned how to ‘walk’ on crutches without left leg
🤩 returned to swimming & corrected my flotation
🤩 mastered getting in&out of the pool without help
🤩 returned to driving
🤩 Sorted out getting wheelchair into the car myself
🤩 invented my footwell ‘stump support’ for the car
🤩 returned to work part time (1st time in 12 mths)
🤩 invented a way to massage with only 1 leg
🤩 Started learning to walk again on a prosthetic
🤩 walking with only 1 crutch (1st time in 18+ mths)
🤩 returned to personal training
🤩 became REPS NZ’s first amputee PT
🤩 entered my 1st (and 2nd) race as a para
🤩 learned how balance on 1 foot & get dressed!
🤩 learned how to fall safely (😂)
🤩 tentative steps at back to cycling (indoors)
🤩 am completely independent despite my disability

Another 4 months will be June. Wowzer.. what on earth will I achieve next? 😎😎😃😃