Crazy week in the Wild South!

This week has been nuts. It didn’t take long for me to be back at work and the phone to be ringing again morning noon and night.

All my weeks start with the best of intentions: I have a great day of exercise Mon – Wed, then the wheels come off somewhat as I near the end of the week and run out of steam!

The weather has been quite simply horrendous, with widespread damage, shipping containers blown into the harbour and trees down, surface flooding plus much more. typical of weather here, always slightly extreme!

Aside from that, finding a separation between work and personal life has proved to be pretty tricky. In the digital world, we always seem to be connected in some way, so notifications from multiple sources constantly remind me of the fact that I’m self employed! I took a bold step this week and went for total separation. Which means running two separate phones and two separate accounts on most things online but it’s working for me already and it’s only been 24 hours. Sometimes it takes a seat in a deserted coffee shop and a moment of peace to see sense in the world!

The leg continues to improve and I was rowing at the knee class / hospital gym this week – got the stats close to 2 min/ 500m which, when I used to actually row, was considered to be pretty decent. I really do feel like everything is coming together now! Still knocking out a long ride per week and it’s still on the turbo trainer. đŸ˜” I hate winter in the Wild South!