Last week(end) of freedom!

So this week is the last one where I have my own two knees, so there was a series of benchmarks that I needed to set! Bike, hill, you know the story! 

The flowers were a lovely gift from hubby on my birthday, which was earlier this week. It also was the day that I decided to yomp up Forest hill to see how fast I could do it in, a measured benchmark for me: when I surpass it I will then know I am fitter than I was pre-op. 23 minutes bottom to top is my benchmark. DOC signs say 30 mins, so I am still beating those too (even if they are usually a slightly geriatric pace, its a good sign that I have not become that just yet!) I also did my final pre op bike ride, just a wee jaunt, because I do enjoy it and will be very motivated to get it back again asap!

I measured the knee angle on my bike this week too: so I know what I need to be able to achieve, to enable me to get back on it and be able to pedal a full rotation.  It seems I need to be able to extend to 30 degrees, and bend to 95 degrees. It’s the 95 that might hold me up, damn time trial bike! If it was a mountain bike it would be nowhere near that small an angle!

I have been taking a bit of time out to still my mind and prepare myself this week. Its safe to say that despite the brave face I am feeling a little bit apprehensive about it all. But, I know I have done everything that I can to keep it as strong as I could for as long as I could, but I could not carry on with the slightly disabled modified lifestyle, so bring on the return of the rest of my life I hope!

Then the final piece of the jigsaw pre op was the hospital appointment this week. I was hoping to see the consultant but no, it was all the other professionals instead. Here’s a wee clip of some of the conversations (nurse and anesthetist bits ended up being quite hilarious!)

One more weekend of freedom before I become partly bionic, over and out, for now!