A bit of a blur

This last 7 days has been a wee bit crazy. I feel like my entire brain is currently consumed with how to cover all my work so I know the business will carry on without me.

I got my letter this week. My pre-op appt is 17th Oct – surgery 23 Oct. I have to go get a blood test too – to check for any pre-existing infections.

I have not been anywhere or done anything, apart from work work work. This week I also lost my office, which is good but bad all at once. We need it for a third massage room which means I am now positioned as receptionist. This is NOT ideal as I know I will struggle to focus on my work when I have a room full of people working out all around me. But there is no other solution. I might have to exercise the work from home thing a bit more if it continues to be a problem. Still, I won’t be there for a while in two weeks anyway, so I’ll deal with that later. We have had to order a reception hob and furnish this third room, not ideal regards cost outlay, so it better pay me back in revenue!

That also means I’m back on the recruitment train which is freaking stressful when I only have ten days to sort it out before I go and recruitment is a massive challenge here in Southland due to the incredibly low 2.9% unemployment rate.

So now all my focus is on the impending operation. I have watched surgery videos and done research and frankly the post op pain worries me most, as I have not been given a pain killing drug yet that works without making me feel violently ill.

Today (Monday 8 October) is the first day of NOT being me on the timetable at work. I’m not sure how I feel about that, because I built this business from the ground up on my own by being front line. Now I have to take a step back and trust my staff to keep things moving and not lose me any customers. In fact – I am sure how I feel about that. I hate it. I hate that I have been reduced to admin and receptionist. This is not a look I am embracing at all.