A whole lot of not a lot!

It has been a pretty uneventful few weeks, just rain, rain, more rain and some work. That is about it! 

This weekend was the Annual rotary book sale, an event I seriously look forward to because books are sooooooooo expensive here and a kindle just does not do it for me!! I need pages! Mark wouldn’t let me go back for a second look, he says i buy too many books. Now, let me ask you, how can a girl possibly have too many books?!

Still waiting for the knee appt, still trying my best to stay mobile, and as usual, I do things with knobs on so I went for a walk, up Forest Hill of all places! 40 mins of straight up a steep path to the top of the hill that looks out over the valley behind. Beautiful views, it used to be one of my favourite walks, now I find it a bit of a struggle to be honest. still, I got up to the top and I really was not sure that I would!

We have had some lovely sunny days lately amongst the rain but its crisp and cold and winter has definitely set in, probably a month earlier than usual for the super cold weather.

I have tried my best to get to the pool but to be frank, I have been a bit slack, work keeps getting in the way and afternoons are a disaster full of school kids, so if I don’t find time in the morning, I tend not to go at all. Not ideal but work comes first.

To be honest, that quite frankly is it. We are heading into the quiet time of year so its hard going sometimes and work hours can be crazy because it is extra work to get marketing to new people when the whole of the south tend to hybernate till summer! Constantly creative, that is the key! So to that end I have launched a videocast, re-launched the Ryding2Health Podcast and am videoing work stuff till I am blue in the face!