Spring – Summer, hail and knee pain

Spring has finally sprung and we are now heading into summer, but not without a few late spring surprises which seems typical of Southland weather! 

These wee flowers come up every spring on our doorstep, Lilly of the Valley; my Grandmothers favourite flower and one that we went to great lengths to get so I could put it in my wedding bouquet.

Aside from that, check out these hail stones! This was a freak storm that took down our guttering! They were like wee golf balls and we could have had more damage, if it wasn’t for Mark sweeping the rest out of the other guttering – pretty important when you are on tank water and not mains!

Its been a very busy few weeks at work. We have looked at branching out the massage to Bluff, a town 40km down the road. We have also started adding in members weekend walks to try and build up a sense of community amongst our clients. Both have been going really well, but both also eat into my weekend. But, I am determined to make this thing work and no one is going to get in the way of that!

Last weekend was the Winton Open day, which we have been along to before and its usually a really great day out. It was really hot but a lot of the wee nick nack shops have gone in Winton, so it wasn’t quite so good without those to snoop around. Or maybe the fourth year of it its getting a bit samey! Lol

This popped up in my timeline this week too: how exciting that a year ago they were just starting to build Arena ave! Hard to believe almost a year has passed since we opened the new building! And what a roller coaster ride it has been. Who would have thought I would already be going mobile with massage and already be running out of evening massage appointments so needing more staff!

And finally, the weekend rounded up with a bike ride, the Christmas cards being sent to England, the customary trip to Riverton to watch the sunset this time!