What they don’t tell you when you start a business

I have had an odd week. I feel like I can’t switch my business brain off at all – a hazard I suppose of being self employed.

I’m looking forward to the lighter evenings because my crazy long hours makes the working week feel like it helter-skelters from Monday to Thursday evening at high speed without stopping, meaning all I feel like I do is work, sleep, (and eat if I’m lucky). Sometimes evening meal happens at 10pm, not exactly ideal, and I’m in bed asleep within an hour of getting home!

Still, I managed to ride my bike (just once) – not fast or pretty, or pain free but I did it. Swimming is still my saviour go-to. Most of the time I manage 3 x weekly: one speed, one legs, one distance.

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Three of our poor wee chickens didn’t make it through the winter so off we went to the battery farm to rescue three more. I’m glad they have started laying again, I missed eggs and once you have your own free range, noooooo to supermarket eggs!

My REPS registration came this week: that makes four consecutive years on the Register of Exercise Professionals. It does make me proud each time I add another to my collection, making such a huge career change at my ripe old age! I would have to keep doing it till I’m 60 to equal the amount of years that I was a teacher though!

Another great thing that happened this week: I finally managed to get my virtual personal training idea off the ground after several previous failed attempts. That the thing no one tells you when you start out in business, there’s no one to tell you what to do, how to do it, when to do it or where to get the people to do it. You just have to keep using failures as learning opportunities and trying again with something different until it works. That’s hard, because human nature makes you want to go – ah, that didn’t work let’s try something else instead. But if you try too many different things there’s no way of 1) showing your path of progress and 2) knowing what WILL actually work.

Being a business owner can make you feel elated, triumphant as well as beat down and a catastrophic failure – often all within the same day.

But, I wouldn’t reverse the clock, because teaching was making me unwell too.

Life’s a bitch, then you die.. that’s what they say isn’t it?