I think I’m turning into an old lady!

I have both written and recorded this weeks blog/vlog so you have a choice whether you read or watch! The video is at the end of the post.

It’s been a roller coaster week – culminating in today: Mum’s birthday and another year without her.I was given new meds by the doctor earlier this week but I googled them and discovered they were anti inflammatories even though he said they weren’t so I was too scared to take them, I left it till Friday. To be doubly sure I took my anti sickness pills with them too and so far so good, in the sickness department. I’m not up to full strength yet though, I’m only on 1/2. I’ll leave it like that a week and see how I go.

Feeling pretty fed up that I have gone from hero to zero in the fitness stakes: I’m finding it pretty boring actually because I’m in so much pain by the end of the day that I literally can’t walk by the time I get home. My timehop is reminding me that ten years ago this week I did my first triathlon (I had refereed rugby for 7 years prior to that) and 7 years ago this week I was in Budapest posting a new World champs PB. Now I just about manage 3 x swims a week and walking around the building st work, if I’m lucky. Bit of a fall from grace, wouldn’t you say.

I went to Riverton as I always go for Mum’s birthday. It’s my special place to remember her, where I went, sat atop a rock and cried and cried the week I returned from England after her funeral. So I go there to that same spot each year on her anniversary and her birthday.

So now I’m in search of new pastimes and to be frank, I’m bored out of my scull and struggling for ideas.

Feel free to suggest me some!