Solace in the silence

I decided to go to the Library today. I needed peace, no distractions, time to think this thing through, process the shock. The library’s might seem like an odd place, hubby expected to find me by the sea, truth be told I was looking for some wise words to guide me. And here is where I found them. 

I love the library’s literature and poetry section. I always find something different to have a look at and the many seats and tables dotted about make quiet contemplation really easy.

This book (above) was divided into sections with a potential problem as the chapter heading, then a story to relate you to the reader and the problem, then a to do list and a meditation to finish. 

What’s wrong with me? 

This was the first chapter that caught my eye. In this chapter the writer is asking the reader to reframe failures where they may as ‘what is wrong with me that I can’t do this?’ Into…

This was not meant for me.’ 

She goes on to tell you to go find what is yours to do. Don’t get stuck looking inwards or you will miss what’s really in front of you. 

This is so true. I no longer regret stopping triathlon racing. I now live in a part of NZ that is wrong for that sport. So that is no longer right for me. I’m close to the sea. Swimming was always my favourite of the three, so that is now what is right for me. And this damned knee. Plus, I actually find stillness in swimming the same as I used to find in the action of running, much more so than in cycling. 

Creating calmness 

In this chapter she talks about time out doing ‘nothing’ as a form of re-energisation. The quote l loved here was 

They have stepped back to leap farther’ 

One of the best ways to be creative and productive is to give yourself a break. This is what I have started writing into my diary each week, starting around 2 weeks ago. I’m glad I’m on the right path. 

Some of the best thinking we do happens when the conscious mind is on a sabbatical. 

I liked this quote but I did change it, as the author had written the word ‘subconscious’. That by the nature of the word suggests that it is inferior, and I don’t believe that it is. 

‘A good day starts the night before.’

This is a tricky one for me. My night really depends on the day that preceded it and how well the knee is behaving. For example last night I had a terrible nights sleep, which I expected because I spent 5 hours seated in a car, and the knee hates seated. 

‘Comparison is a form of self abuse’

By this she means that when you know your true self and are aligned with your path, you no longer look left and right and second guess yourself. 

I found this really really interesting. At the time I quit teaching to set up business I second guessed myself a million times or more. Right now, I still find it just as challenging but I don’t compare myself to the local rival businesses, I see it as a learning opportunity for me to be even better than I am already. I must be on the correct path. Shame it took me 45 years to find it, isn’t it?

‘The grass isn’t always greener on the other side because you never know what soil it’s planted in.’

Also true. The most common thing I get said to me is how brave I am.. 

  • moving across the world
  • Leaving a lifelong career
  • Racing all around the world in triathlon 
  • quitting triathlon
  • Coping with my mums death when I wasn’t there
  • Coping with my knee issues 

And so the list goes on. 

No. It’s got absulutely nothing to do with bravery, or luck, or anything else. I firmly believe that you are 100% in charge of your own destiny and it is what you make it. I’m here through engineering, bloody mindedness and hard work. 

They are also the same properties that will propelled me along my next leg related path. It’s a daunting one and if I’m not careful I could be consumed by the shadow of that mountain. But.. like I say to all my clients, anyone can climb a mountain. Just take it one step at a time. 

So, for now my positive pants are back in action and I will just have to wait for that next medical appointment (whilst also trying to remember to take my large concoction of pain medication!)