Exciting times: good, bad and determination

img_7470This week has been an historic one for me.

Exercise leads the way 

Way back in 2007 I had no idea what exercise was really, why I should bother or what it would have in store for me later in life. 

Exercise took me onto national TV in England when I lost 32kg and got onto team GB after only a few months of doing my first ever triathlon.

Exercise took me all around the world with team again for five years, the final world champs race before injury forced me to retire being in New Zealand: another significant step.

6 months later I was moving to New Zealand permanently on a residency visa as a teacher.

Tough times

Sounds idilic?

  • Within 6 weeks of arriving my mum died of cancer: she only told me two weeks before she died, via Skype call. I didn’t make it back in time.
  • Teaching in another country wasn’t what I hoped it would be, I was desperately unhappy and resigned. I effectively made myself unemployed.
  • The cost of the move used up all savings we had and all equity we had built up in our English house that we were forced to sell to afford the move.

I have to say I probably hit rock bottom. I’m not totally sure I’m back up to the top again, but I’m getting there. However, so much has happened that I am proud of, I wish I could call mum and tell her.

Good times amongst the bad 

  • We managed (just in the nick of time before lending laws changed) to buy a house. 1/4 acre of land with it and although it’s almost 100 years old and needs a lot of work, it’s OURS.
  • We became Permanent Residents, and in another three years can apply for citizenship.
  • Within 8 weeks of originally making myself unemployed I managed to build up a personal training business from scratch enough that I could pay myself a modest wage.
  • Within a year I was employing part time staff.
  • Within 18 months I filed an application with the companies office and Ryding2Health became Ryding2Health Limited on Friday 12 August.

BIG Times ahead 

So now the work REALLY begins! I’m currently looking for new bigger premises. I’m also currently completing a college course on relaxation massage: loving it but man it’s badly coincided with business picking up as we are coming into spring.

But.. Guess what?

I’m the Managing Director and joint share holder of my very own company!

Mum, I hope you’re watching up there. When I said at your funeral that I would reinvent myself and this next one was for you, I thought it would be another sporting a ensue, I had no idea it would be this!

I hope you’re proud, I will hold your strength close, I’m going to need it in the difficult and busy months ahead.

Exciting times.