UK decides: the end of the United Kingdom as we know it?

imageIts difficult to grasp the full scale of the whole Referendum campaigning when international media only reports some of it and the BBC has blocked access to its online news channel to everyone with an IP address outside England. However, I fully understand the gravity of what has happened today. 

Thank you Great Britain, for making the 23rd June a monumental life changing date on my calendar for two catastrophic reasons. For the first time in my life I think Mum departed for heaven at around the right time because there are some frightening times ahead for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Who could have predicted that this historic event could be the one that would finally reunite Ireland.

This is my reaction to this news as an ex-pat (and still UK Citizen) abroad.

The (un)United Kingdom

Get real, this didn’t create a new problem. It just reopened an old wound and made everyone deal with it.


Ireland has been divided for many years. Ther have been rival factions within Northern Ireland for many many years, with some wanting a united Ireland and others wanting the security of the United Kingdom. Mum and Dad moved to England in the 1970’s to avoid all the violence surrounding that very argument. We can’t pretend that it’s new. But who would have thought that THIS was what was needed to make Ireland consider reuniting? I wish I could call mum and ask what she thought of that right now.


They had a referendum recently with Alex Salmond leading the charge to vote for a United Scotland. It was a divided vote too, with not quite enough reasons to separate from England. I think they might have a few more now, wouldn’t you say? I bet there’s another referendum on that again soon.


This was how I explained the Euro zone to a child I was teaching a few years ago, when Greece was in the news and their economy was crashing.

France, Germany and England are the top three Euro countries for highest contributions yet the least gains from that. Sounds like a dumb investment to me.

Let’s not pretend the European Union is solid too. It was originally a post WW2 trade agreement, which has grown and grown, now has a parliament, a commission and a whole lot more control over its member countries than it initially used to. A simplified (and easy to understand) explanation of its history and function can be found here:

What next?

Who knows. Uncertainty and huge change is scary for anyone in normal life, never mind when we are talking about whole countries.

What will it mean for ex pats abroad in EU countries? Will it give England the full control over immigration? What will happen to trade agreements? What will happen to the rest of the EU? What will happen to Great Britain? Is this the death of the Union Jack?

Who knows.

However, is staying in a terrible marriage just because it’s easier than NOT, really the right decision to make?