House DIY project no. 1 complete!

Bike to workIt’s been rather a quiet week this week. My job started its regular hours which has taken some getting used to. For all these years I have been an early riser, sport then work. Now that I start at 7am and finish at 2pm, things have to spin around!

I started as I hoped to continue and cycled to work at the start of the week, however gale force winds and hail storms put an end to that, as I ran to the car for shelter!

Bacon and Egg PieNow we have four chickens, we are starting to develop an egg surplus again, so we decided to make the old kiwi favourite, Bacon and egg pie! Here’s my recipe! It’s amusing watching the chickens, new v old. The two new ones are still distinguishable by their pale combs and bedraggled feathers but they are starting to stand their own ground and not be bullied!

Team challenge Wanaka logo

Our team logo!

I’m back in the gym, since I have to drive past to and from work, trying to rebalance the imbalance created by swimming and rowing! Besides, challenge Wanaka is only 14 weeks away, and the rowing season has already started!

This weekend I went walking at Fossbender Park near Otatara. Mark is training for the marathon in Challenge Wanaka, so he went for a run and I went for a walk.

Although it was really windy, as is traditional here in spring, the shelter of the trees made for a lovely walk. Only 5 days till we walk the hump ridge track: excited isn’t the word!

Finally, today marks the day that the door frame Mark built to replace the arch into our lounge went in! He tore out the arch a while ago and built a door frame. We went to Demolition World to get a door to match the rest of the doors in our house, he painted it up, and hey presto! It still needs a couple more coats, but here it is! I’m super proud of him!