A sorting and sporting week off!

imageI think I need to go to the library! I am constantly amazed at the unusual foliage, unfamiliar birds, plants, trees and flowers here in New Zealand.

This is a plant that we have seem similar of in garden centres. We have nicknamed it the upside down plant, because the leaves usually tilt down towards the floor, not upwards. I assume this one is this shape because it is competing withe trees for light down here on the forest floor.

Its the first week of the half term. No, wait, half term doesn’t exist any more! it’s the first week of the school holidays which are two weeks, and I have been trying to keep busy and do all the things I don’t normally have time for. Added to that, we move into our new house in 6 weeks, and the gardens are currently very overgrown. We have been given permission to do the gardens in the mean while, so that’s what I have been doing, since the weather is good, and I have time spare.

This week spring has definitely sprung, the cycling race season is starting and a spring 5km run/walk series is also starting. For some crazy reason we decided to out ourselves on the start line of the whole 7 week series. Mark decided that I was far too slow, and set off on his own further towards the front.

imageI ran at my own wee pace, proud that this, the first thing I had entered since the knee op, was something I completed without walking, however slow I might have been. Rehab is a high hill that I am still climbing. It was a huge turnout, over 150 walkers and the same amount of runners, I even knew a good number of people, which surprised me. I hadn’t told anyone I had entered!

20131006-194658.jpgWe managed to speed from there to Rugby park! to see the last home game of the season for the Southland Stags, the local rugby team. I think they are the equivalent of division 1 in the UK, but it was a great atmosphere, well supported, if not a little pricey at $30 a seat.

Had I been up to standing it would have only been $15 each. Oh well!

I never get bored of tramping here because its so beautiful. There are beautiful walking tracks all over the place, only a few minutes away.

Today was the final day of the Junior Tour of Southland, so impressive that they hold a full blown tour, for 13-19 year olds, with a polka dot, green and yellow jersey too, we HAD to go and support and the did the criterium in the centre of town, forgive me CITY!

The last piece of news is, we have finally found a sporting activity that we can do together, ROWING!

We paid a visit to the local rowing club, have been a few times to row on this beautiful river, and are loving it!