Expression of interest: SENT

We sat in front of the computer looking at the cursor flashing for ages. You send it…. no YOU send it…. I’m not pressing it! The deciding moment. NZ$510 and confirmation that we are in fact serious about moving to New Zealand.

The form itself did not require any additional documentation, it simply asked you about your skills, qualifications, character, health, etc. Its the next one that will want all the evidence. It ended up sitting on 205 points. The minimum is 100, the threshold to be automatically looked at is 140.

We have the next batch of things waiting in the wings: the teacher registration, the qualification verification with NZQA, both pretty much ready to send.

They are both needed for the next stage: the visa application, if we get an invitation to apply.

I think what’s next is the medical (at our end).

At the New Zealand end, we sit and wait for the invitation to apply to be sent to us. It says the pool is looked at every two weeks, and a selection is made from them then. If you do not get selected, it goes back in for the next two weeks.

Hubby recons it will be back within two weeks. lets see shall we…..

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