The start of the process

We have decided to try and apply for a visa and residency in New Zealand. We just came back from there, having visited a few parts of the North island on holiday. It is a stunningly beautiful country.

I did not know till I did a quick google, that my profession (special needs teacher) is on the long term shortage list, meaning I have the opportunity to try and apply for a visa.

A initial questionnaire revealed that I am likely to be way over the minimum 100 points required to submit an expression of interest (EOI). This form in itself is quite detailed, and required a substantial amount of paperwork support, tests, etc. and needs to be completed first. After it is sent it goes into a pool, where, if selected, you are sent an invitation to apply. That is where the real work starts to apply for the visa, find a job, and negotiate a relocation.

Here we will document the journey which we intend to do completely unaided, in the hope that that the lack of an agent will save a LOT of money.

Here goes!

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