258 HDC decision: was a medical error made?

After an almost 2 year long investigation into the circumstances surrounding my limb loss in 2020, I have a final decision back from the Health and Disability Commission. Here’s the result.

3 thoughts on “258 HDC decision: was a medical error made?

  1. That story just sucks.
    Unfortunately it’s becoming very common as the health system struggles with staff shortages during a ‘pandemic’.
    Realistically, NZ hasn’t got the reliable government services it once did -act accordingly.

  2. I find that very sad ….brushing everything under the carpet instead of doing something about it…That’s not how its worked in the UK you would deffo have an inquiry and you would be awarded compensation to help you… I also know that you would much rather have your leg back ! and all this shouldn’t have happened in the first place…it seems as if NZ health services don’t want to take any responsibility….

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