Autism awareness month: 14 April

Sensory overload 🤯

This is a very real issue for people with Autism. For me, this can happen very quickly over a few hours or slowly over a few few days. The ultimate outcome is the same.. total shut down.

What is sensory overload?

It can take many different forms. For me it can include things like – constantly having to deal with / talk to people, busy visual environments, noisy environments, lack of quiet time (aka too busy a schedule without any rest breaks) and much more.

I noticed last night that I was going into shut down.. which presents itself to start with like I’m in a trance – or zoned out. This is an early warning sign for me that things are getting too much.

So, today I went to sit in the peace of Queens Park for a few hours. On a bench, off the track, away from the crowds.

For me this is like a mini mental re-charge. These times are vital for me (and many others with autism) to keep everything on a level, mentally.

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