British funnies: The UK from the eyes of a New Zealander

Seeing my home country through the eyes of 13 New Zealanders who have never been to Europe has surely been interesting, and at times, rather amusing!

Here are some of the comments and questions I have had the last week or so from my team mates.

  • Aaaaargg there’s so many cars
  • Aaaargh the cars go past soooo close to me
  • Wow, so many chimneys
  • Why are all the houses made of brick?
  • Why do the buildings have so many floors?
  • Where are the gardens?
  • Why is the front door so close to the street?
  • Where is the garage? Why are all cars parked on the street?
  • Why is that car parked on the side of the street facing the wrong way? (This is illegal in NZ)
  • What is a carriageway?
  • Why are the street signs so low down?
  • Wow.. the Amber comes on at the same time as the red light, why?
  • OMG you can buy soo much at the supermarket, not just food!
  • What is an Eton mess?
  • Why are the peas mushy?
  • Do the British not eat vegetables? (Based on the fact that all the food options near the hotel had none!)
  • Where are all the boutique shops? (NZ is made up of 80% small business owners, UK high st is mainly chain stores)
  • Why does no one speak English round here?
  • Wow everything is so oooold!

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