Training update: the eve of WANZ camp #2

It’s been a whirlwind of activity since my team selection last month, that is for sure. With under 12 weeks to raise over $7k (now just 7 weeks!) it has certainly been a challenge.


Bills to date:

  • $4000 WANZ bill for flights and accommodation
  • 2 x $680 for flights to the next two training camps (I am the only team member in South Island)
  • $1400 for an indoor rowing machine so I can continue training down in the south without a high performance team / single Waka to go out in.
  • $580 – cost for my own paddle which I was told was a must have

COSTS SO FAR – $7340

$ raised so far: $3060

$ still to raise: $4280

STILL TO BE COSTED – return flight to AUCKLAND to catch the international flights

I have a couple of other grants applications in, which are pending decisions. (Fingers crossed!!)


Training update

Until I recently got some type of flu thingy, I was bang on track to get to the end of my current training block this week just in time for the next camp in Rotorua. I have opted to completely rest for the past week. I think I am now over the worst of it. (If this cough would just so one that would be great!)

I have prioritised the rower over all other training and if something had to go, it wasn’t that. This has worked well and has meant that the training has mostly consisted of cycling, rower, or waka ama on the river. I still cant use my wheelchair for fitness, it is still damaged and waiting for repair. AND.. my local pool is closed for renovations!

Frankly, I have quite liked the short sessions on the rower, it has never felt insurmountable and being indoors, even though we have had god awful weather lately, I have still been able to prioritise this.

I am assuming we will get another training block and will get more information about team combinations and which races we will be entered for in London.

Plus, I have a Haka to learn!!!

Race schedules

This has recently been published, you can find it here . It looks like the W6 para mixed is going straight into a final, without heats! ARGH!! what pressure! I am hoping we will find out more about team combinations, who is in what, if we have more than one race etc etc at the next camp this weekend.

The Icebreaker challenge – Dunedin

And to finish off, some photos from the Icebreaker challenge the other weekend. I love this team photo. Once again, no big deal is made about my disability, in fact i could well be an able bodied person with two feet for all you can tell!

Look at the 3 waka ama photos though, they were taken on the closing stages of the race. yep, thats me collapsed gasping for air in the third photo! HAHA but look at the camraderie between the boats.. this is what makes waka ama so amazing.

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I am a massage therapist and part time athlete, blogging life thru a disability lens. On wheels, with flipper and occasionally on feet.

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