I am grateful for my tears

I have a quotes app on my phone (called I AM) that pops up a new quote every time I unlock the screen. This one came up this morning and it really made me think.

[POEM: I am grateful for my tears – by Melanie Magowan]

I am grateful for my tears
They illustrate my fears
And ground my in reality
Get me ready for the fight.

I am grateful for my tears
They show that I am human
Everything I achieve
Shows that over fear, I won.

I am grateful for my tears
They show my vulnerable side
No one has truly healed,
Until they really cried.

I am grateful for my tears
Because they ease the pain
Calm me and my brain,
And let me live again.

I have already had questions about the app mentioned above so here are the details.



Paid V free

The free version has a basic coloured background that doesn’t change. The quotes are randomised in type and frequency.

The paid version ($36NZD / year) allows you to choose the groups of or types of quotes you receive and save your favourites. It also gives you a variety of nicer backgrounds for the quotes. As far as I remember both versions allow you to save the quote to your device as an image.

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