Parts of me [poem]

Sometimes poetry says it better than trying to string sentences together. Today is one of those days. Here I try to explain how it feels to having to adjust to having a prosthetic leg

Part whole, part gone.
It’s tough to describe
What it’s like to
Have a removable leg.

I remember the foot,
No phantom sensation.
At the end of the day,
A leg suddenly lighter.

I remember two feet,
The convenience of it.
My new unique
Slowly starts to belong.

Weird with it on?
More weird with it off
In truth, as I start
To embrace the new me.

Some days, just attached,
Some days, the real me.
Transitions begin
To a new identity.

Slowly, oh slowly,
The change underway
Mind and body
Will be one, once again.

© Melanie Ryding

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