The cold Hard Truth: return to work

Today was the first time I properly spoke to anyone about an official return to work. I am being visited by an occupational therapist weekly at the moment, talking about lifestyle and fatigue management but work is always on my mind, how it might look and whether it would even be possible, in the same format as prior to my amputation. Originally I was determined, and no one was going to change my mind. However, as time has gone on and as I realise how hard everything is in my new life as a disabled person, I have come to look at the return to work differently and I now have some grave concerns.

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#179 Dealing with Menopause (I refuse to talk about the leg today!)

There are a few unspokens about being a woman that we all have to deal with.. it’s pretty sh*t but it happens anyway. Here’s one of them.. the Menopause. I’m a bit tired of allowing the leg to dominate my life to today I refuse to talk about it and instead deal with a completely different taboo subject.

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