Memories of the legend

Occasionally I write poetry, because sometimes photos don’t (or can’t) tell my story. today is one of those days. I paint you the pictures and let your imagination fill in the details.

Golden autumn colours

Lakeside paddling feet

Mountains on all sides

Keeping out the heat.

Glimpses into houses,

high up on the hills

People walking dogs

Fingers feeling chills.

Cold water on my face

A steep shelf down below

Swimmers in the distance

I begin to find my flow.

Sudden jagged rocks

Interrupt the view

Above, below, shallow shores

Whoops, I thought I knew!

Rounding headland ends,

I see a glimpse of shore

I know I’m nearly there now

Just a wee bit more.

‘A true legend’ – label

Is one that I am given

I’m just busting limits

So, best sit up and listen.

ANYTHING Is possible

It’s all inside your mind.

Set goals, go get em kiddo!

Ambition is not blind!

[Poem by Melanie Ryding]

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