Poem: There is no time

Everyone says ‘life is too short’. You might think it’s a cliche, but when you are someone who has stared death in the face too closely for comfort, and witnessed multiple deaths at close hand when you were in one of your weakest places already, you realise with starkness that your time in this earth is fragile, valuable and could be over at a moments notice without warning.

No time for complaining,
For being unhappy
Or stressed
Or wishing for something else.

There is no time
For pain, upset or anger,
For self pity
Or keeping it for a rainy day.

Now is the time
To create the life you want
Live where you want
Work where you want.

Now is the time
To create your own happiness
Be the best you can be
Be with people who
Give you value and positivity.

You have only ONE Life.
It’s finite, it’s shorter than you wish
Make it the very best life
And regret nothing.

[Poem by Melanie Ryding]