Poem – Almost

Sometimes, when it comes to describing how I feel about this whole leg thing, less is more when words are used.

I had a bad day today.

I almost lost a leg today.

Perspective – how ‘bad’ was yours?

Not too bad after all, today?

I almost needed blood today

Life saving transfusions taken for granted.

Do you give blood, have you saved someone?

Selfless simple acts almost saved mine.

I can almost walk again, today.

Take that for granted, do you?

Each day I wake I check my feet,

Yes, I still have two, today.

I almost made it through withdrawal today.

Medical error – 9 days of cold turkey hell.

Do you take ‘drugs for granted, today?

Or do you REALLY look after YOU?

My life almost changed for ever, today.

How much do actually value TODAY?

Tomorrow, next week, next year

Can only be, if you make the BEST of TODAY.

[Poem by Melanie Ryding]