September update – springtime in Southland

Alright, once again I find myself apologising because I abandoned the blog! Nope, no excuses! But, I will try to get back to my weekly, like I used to do, it makes it easier for me to remember what I need to say anyhow! 

So, I found this photo today in time-hop.

It signifies a year ago since I decided to adopt a different approach to dealing with this dicky knee and I got back on my bike for the first time in a long long time. Since then I have kept up the walking, swimming (occasionally, but it is less important regards keeping the knee strong) and cycling (when the weather and the winds allow!)

So, continuing on a theme that is what I have tried to do ever since. Some times I have good weeks, some times I have bad weeks. But I have found that there is a crazy cycle that goes like this.

  • Knee hurts, first instinct is to rest.
  • Rest = more knee pain.
  • Decide to ignore instinct and go exercise.
  • Exercise hurts.
  • After exercise, knee pain reduces slightly.
  • Return to the top of the list and the cycle goes on.

This makes it mighty tough to know what to do half the time, so I blindly carry on regardless, when the pain is within limits that I can tolerate!

This month marks 2.5 months on the waiting list, so I am hoping to hear some news within the next month or so, if they manage to keep to their 16 week funding deadline schedule.

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Queens Park

Meanwhile, here are some of my tramping trip photos.

This is park in the centre of town close to work. If I am short on time I will often drive round and walk here. Once upon a time I could walk fast enough to walk round here from work.


Forest Hill

I love this walk because it is short and steep! It is about the only way these days that I can get the heart rate and effort level up that is kind to the knee.


Cozy Nook

This is a wee place we went to for the first time in ages last weekend. Too windy for an outdoor picnic so we stayed in the car. There are funny wee tiny houses here, mostly now all holiday baches, but it once used to be a thriving fishing area.


Mores Reserve

And there there’s Mores Reserve. This is a hilltop reserve, the car park is at the top. A steep walk down takes you to some secluded coastline, then there’s the hike back up to get back to the car park. Stunning and always quiet.


When the wind is behaving (its spring, so ALWAYS windy here in the roaring 40’s!) Then I love to ride my local loop out into the village roads where there is usually no traffic at all.

And when the weather is not playing ball and I can find the motivation, I will do this instead. I don’t find it that motivating any more because I cannot put high resistance through the pedals, so mooch is all I can do. Mooching in the local sunshine is much more interesting!

That is also why I cannot always go outside. I am just not sure I can tolerate the sideways jolts of the wind on the TT bike, But I do my best.

I am reassured that I still manage the local walks inside the sign’s recommended time, and some walks I know are tough and some average folk WITHOUT my knee issues would find them tough.

All in all, I am feeling pretty happy that I have managed to keep it moving this well, this long. I am hoping that bodes well for post-op recovery.

Video snippets of my life this past month

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