Pampering, more pets, and Bluff Oysters!

image It’s been a fun week, full of activity, and things to remind me why I live here. I had gotten into a deep rut and sort of forgotten.

The week started (apart from work) with a very late Christmas present – a pamper evening at the local spa ‘beauty and beyond’. It’s an appointment that has been continually moved or cancelled but I finally got it this week, it was wonderful.

I had a spa massage, body wrap, facial, hair treatment, jet spa and hair styling. I haven’t had a body wrap before, it wasn’t quite as I expected it to be. After a personal spa session in a private spa, I had the body wrap. I expected to be wrapped like a mummy hahahah. It was a thick gooey ‘cream’ that set like green mud, and I was wrapped in a thermal silver blanket. The facial was great, which I was given while wrapped up! After a jet shower I was beautified by the hair dresser while sipping green tea. Wonderful.

I have had a hard week at work so we decided to go somewhere on Saturday. Mark still hadn’t been to Cathedral caves so we went there, and McLean Falls. Both still stunning the second time too.

We had lunch in the Whistling Frog cafe, famous in the area. I had fish and chips, served on newspaper, brilliant! We will definitely go back there again.

This weekend though, most exciting, I went out on the river in a single sculls boat and didn’t fall in! No, that’s not the best bit. Meet the four new additions to the household!

image So exciting, we rescued 4 hens from a local farm, they sell them on cheap after a year because they no longer lay an egg every single day. They are locked in for a week or so, then it will be hilarious to see what the cats make of them, and what they make of the cats!

Bluff oysters

The last thing this week, was our trip to Bluff, and Mark tried the famous Bluff oyster. He says it was lovely but I will be satisfied taking his word for it!