Colac Bay: I love the sea!

IMG_6448Mark doesn’t quite get it. Well, I thought he didn’t but perhaps he just didn’t realise that its OK to drag me to the sea all the time! I would find any excuse to simply go and sit on a shoreline and listen to the sea. I still constantly keep feeling like I am on holiday all the time, I have never lived by the sea before. Or anywhere near the sea. I have always wanted to, and now I do, I feel like its a dream, that will one day end, like I am on a long holiday or something. 

Today we went to Colac bay. It is apparently a good surfing spot, but that’s not why we went, it was because I wanted to look, that is it! I hadn’t driven that far up the coast road before, so why not. 

We were awarded for our efforts, although I say effort, its only 25 mins drive, and not that much traffic round here, even on a busy day! 

Its such a beautiful country, I feel blessed to be living here. Its so weird, the calves and the lambs are in the fields, a sign of spring, yet its September. It will take me quite a long time to get used to the back to front seasons!