Last Monday of work in the UK!

Last Monday at work, and here is how my journey starts. My local train station.


I cannot help but be obsessed with thinking how different things might be this time next month. I drove to Surrey at the weekend. That involved a long stretch on the M25. Does South Island have motorways? I am not sure that it does. Many traffic queues. People tell me that a queue in Invercargill is a few cars at some traffic lights. Surely not!?

What do New Zealand train stations look like? How are they different? I bet there is not as many people dashing onto the train, like there was this morning, my train being the main east coast commuter line into London. 

Now there is another thing. London. How long does it take to drive across London? How long would it take to circumnavigate the M25? Apparently you can get from one side of Invercargill to the other within 20 minutes. 

I think I am moving to a whole new world, how different it is going to be! A 45 minute commute like I do here would take me half way to Dunedin in South Island terms!! Will the weather be good enough for me to turn into a hippie cycle commuter? We will have to wait and see!