9 weeks and freaking out

whatifI am beginning to feel a little overwhelmed by the whole thing. Although this is all my choice, I cannot help but fill my mind with what if’s, and wonder will it all work out. I have visited some Ex Pat forums and am assured that this is all very normal. It doesn’t ease my mind though because the sea of things I will need to do before I potentially leave for ever in mid May is getting longer and longer and longer. All sorts of really mad things are creeping into my head.

  • I need to get a record of my hair colourĀ 
  • I need to get my eye prescription from specsavers
  • What will I do with a bank account
  • What will I do with the inevitable debt I am leaving behind
  • What if the house does not sell and I am out there on my own for ages.
  • What will I do without my computer for who knows how long!
  • What if I don’t like the job?
  • What is the job!? They still haven’t told me exactly!
  • NZ teachers pensions?
  • Medical record transfer?
  • What if Long Tall Sally are the only place I can get 36 inch trousers? their clothing seasons will be all back to front!
  • What if I hate it and cannot afford to come back?

I am sure I will think of more!!!