First job interview!

I am actually a bit shocked. One of the 8 applications I sent in at thas weekend has got back to me, within 12 hours, to ask my head teacher for a reference. Then, two days later via email, they offered me a telephone interview on Sunday evening (Monday morning, New Zealand time).

This was my first application ever, for assistant head, so I can’t quite believe it. All the forms say its tough getting an interview unless you are actually in the country, so i am doubly shocked.

I looked into Invercargill to see why they might have been so keen. Initial research says that although it is at the southern most tip, therefore colder, and it is small, it is ok, mixed reviews.

Time will tell I guess.

I do wonder how the visa application is meant to work: they say you get guaranteed Invitation to apply if you have a job offer, but you mostly need a visa to get a job offer! Hmmmmmm.

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