Cost of living comparison

This is a guide to show you, comparatively speaking, the cost of living. UK figures were correct as of 2013.

UK payments New Zealand payments
Mortgage: £800-1100 / month interest rates dependent/ Mortgage insurance £77 /mth on top Approx $1200 / month (same as the rent we paid on a smaller town house) includes insurance
Rates / Council tax £140 per month $988 approx per year (we are not on mains sewage or mains water, so its ½ the price of living in the city)
Phone / internet £40 / month plus £23 for broadband / mth $95 month including broadband
Mobile £35 / month Approx $20 / month
Gas £50 / mth approx No mains gas in NZ
Electric $40 / mth approx $150-$220 / mth depending on time of year
Petrol Unleaded price currently $2:16 / litre
MOT Approx £40 / year Called WOF:$55 / 6 mths
Road tax Car size dependent up to £125 / 6 mths Called registration: approx $220 per year
TV licence £12 / mth N/A
SKY $51 / month We haven’t bothered – just use freeview
Car insurance £300 upwards / year depending on the car!! £500 / year fully comp with no ‘no claims’ history. Car ins is not compulsory here
GP Free. Prescription subsidised by NHS, for a set fee per item – £7.50 $82 per visit initially, reducing to around $45 per visit after 6 months. All medication is paid for by you.
Dentist Around £30 for initial visit Fees are not subsidised at all by government. Basic consultation can cost around £120, before they do anything
Groceries £80-120 per week, shopping in Asda $180-200 per week, shopping seasonally, and shopping around