Happy Earth Day 2022

This year’s Earth day theme is invest in our planet. here are a few facts to show how both myself – and New Zealand – are doing that.


Meridian is my power provider. They generate power from 100% renewable sources. They own 6 hydroelectric power stations and 5 wind farms. They also designed and built the wind farm in Antarctica, which provides power to Scott base.

Note: New Zealand has 38 power stations. All the power stations on South Island are hydroelectric. 3 of North islands power stations are still fossil fuel, but they do also have some that are geothermal.

Greenhouse gasses

New Zealand was one of the first countries to pledge to a carbon neutral future. It produces just 0.2% of the worlds greenhouse gas emissions

Tank water

I don’t have mains water – nor do I have mains sewage.

I live 10km away from the city centre. The city boundary fence than runs up the side of my garden. so I’m within the city boundary. But nope, I don’t have mains water.

My tap water comes from a tank in my garden that collects the rain water off the roof my my house. Although I have never actually run out, some areas on the outskirts of the city do, regularly and have to pay to get their tanks refilled.

This relies on a pump located in the garage. It’s job is to pump the water into my taps and give me enough water pressure for the likes of a shower. And yep, it did break down on one occasion, right in the middle of a shower! I was without water for a few days until I could get it fixed!

Eco – sewage

The usual system for non mains sewage would be a septic tank that you have to regularly get emptied. Because my property is on a relatively small section (1/4 acre) council rules are that I have to treat and dispose of all waste within my own property boundary. So I have a unique 3 tank eco-system worm farm.

The solids are filtered off into the worm farm. So it never needs emptying.

The liquids go through a number of tanks and filter systems and are dispersed on a filtration bed which runs the length of the side of my garden lawn. I am not allowed to plant on that area (obviously) and the only signal it’s even there is a small pipe sticking up (if you knew where to look for it).

I do have an alarm (light) outside that would indicate to me if something has gone wrong with this system – so far – it’s never gone wrong.

Work from home

I now do actually work from home, so I have eliminated the commute to work completely! Because I live out of town, I really only drive if I specifically have to go somewhere. This saving me on petrol.

So, for someone with a relatively small carbon footprint, I think I’m doing more than my fair share to be kind to the planet! 🌎

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