Say I won’t?!

This is a song someone posted in one of the amputee groups I am a member of. When I listened to it the words spoke directly to my soul, as if the song was written specifically for me.

You can find it on spotify, but it is most definitely worth watching on YouTube. Their video is quite simply magical.

There are three specific lines I wanted to point out in the lyrics.

I’m seeing my life for the very first time through a different lens

MercyMe – Say I won’t

This is so true. Absolutely every aspect of my life in every way that I knew it has changed, for ever. I have had to completely re-evaluate and change the way I interact with the world. Life will never be the same. This does not mean that is bad. Its just different.

I’m going to know what it means to live and not just be alive

MercyMe – Say I Won’t

For the last several years I feel like that has been my life exactly. I have been alive, but I have not been living. From the knee replacement and all the years of challenges that came before that, to then the other leg, more chronic pain and ultimately losing the limb, I am now finally looking forward to a time when I can begin to live again. Return to all the things I used to do that I had to give up, return to the things that I set goals on but have been told that might not be possible. Like the title of the song says, Say I won’t? Just watch me!

Keep on saying I won’t and I’ll keep proving you wrong

MercyMe Say I won’t

This stands to reason, this is my life motto and it always has been. This is what drives me, what motivates me, what pushes me past the obvious to the uncharted waters beyond. If you know me even slightly, you will know what this quote means to me.

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