Wyndham A & P show


This was a curious occasion, I actually wasn’t too sure what to expect but what I saw wasn’t it, that’s for sure! We stayed much longer than we thought, despite the Agriculture being predominant, and the produce being in the minority!

If I was a farmer wanting to know where to buy some cattle or machinery this would have been the place for me! On the other side of things, there was craft judging – including prize flowers, cakes, veg, photography and eggs! (Nope, none were for sale!)

All the food and drink was free (I still can’t quite get over that, and it included alcohol too!) there was cow judging, sheep judging, wool judging, bull judging, horse show jumping, and a diddly diddly folk band.

Curious, like nothing I have ever seen before but enjoyable nonetheless.

Have a look at some photos…

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