Useful links

We will keep adding to this all the time, so keep revisiting it. Email us if there is a link that you think we should add!

Information to get you started with the initial visa application: Here are your visa options for moving to New Zealand. Find out if your area of work is on the skills shortage lists for New Zealand. Have a look here to see the latest essential skills shortage list.  It changes all the time, so keep checking it. 

Online Points test: You will find this useful for assessing the likelihood of you getting selected from the pool. 140 points is automatic selection, 100 points is a minimum requirement but this will not guarantee you selection. 

Online expression of interest: This is the first step. Be sure you want to do this, as it is not cheap!! Have a look at our timescale to see the steps and the costs. 

Other useful things:

Registering as a teacher: This step took by far the longest, so be prepared and do it early. Have a look on the teaching council NZ website to see how you begin this process.

Getting your qualifications assessed: It takes on average 35 days to get this step done. Read their web site to find out how to apply for an International Qualifications Assessment. 

International relocation grant for overseas trained teachers: visit here for more information. You get $2000 after 5-19 weeks teaching, and another $2000 after 20 weeks teaching. There is a lot of paperwork they need, and a lot of forms for your employer to fill in! 

Cost of living comparison: Here is a table showing, from personal experience, what the cost of living comparison has been like for us. This is a comparison with the Midlands, UK, and Southland New Zealand, based on a household with two adults.