Top reads

Here is a summary of some of our personal favourite posts, and ones that have, earlier in our journey, been the top 5 most read. 

20130922-181052.jpg2013: a year in pictures A photo summary of the year that changed our lives forever. 

Visa approved: A scary day, but the day that made this all happen

UK house

UK v New Zealand house comparison We did a Walk through video of both the house we sold in England, and the one we bought in New Zealand, with the same furniture in both, so you can see the difference. Its quite interesting!

IMG_4872Getting off the plane: What the first few days were like. One complete week in my new home town, alone, and a little shell shocked!

The story 5 months in How are we getting on almost 5 months through our first year? read this post and find out.

Cost of living comparison. This is one that we get asked a lot, so we made a little spreadsheet.